Get Fresh with Nelisa Kala

By admin
25 August 2013

Get Fresh with Nelisa Kala Sunday 14:00 – 17:00 on East Coast Radio 94 – 95 FM.?

Nelisa Kala has always had a passion for performance and the arts. She started drama at the age of six and music at the age of 10. No wonder it became clear from a very tender age that she was a natural entertainer.

Her decision to try radio as a career happened by chance. She explains, “I was working as a waitress at a popular PE restaurant when funny-man Barry Hilton walked in. I served the table eagerly and as the night continued he told me I was wasting my time bussing tables and pushing plates and that I should be on radio.

That line that I’d heard years before passed his lips - “a voice for radio”. Barry immediately picked up the phone and called his connection at BayFm, who agreed to give me a voice test the following day.”

This multi talented young DJ plays the trombone, guitar, sings and is well known locally for her poetry performances. After two and a half years on community radio, Nelisa joined East Coast Radio.

Nelisa is optimistic and upbeat with an infectious enthusiasm for fashion, gossip, hot new trends, music and partying