Get out of here YaHWeH's people

By Faeza
28 September 2015

My brethren I have seen the heart of many being hardened from the truth. I have seen many, hiding their heads in the sand hoping that the truth will not affect them. Men of deceit have gone out into the nations. The deception of all times through religion is at an all-time high. The gullible, the ignorant and the desperate have been used by the cunning and the wicked. I have seen the lazy trying to find easy ways to make money though religion.

Some Pastors with doubt of the very word of life have commercialised religion so that if what they believe is not real, at least they would have gotten their reward by preaching prosperity at least they would have benefited in this life. And would have lived like a rock star with bullet proof cars and body guards. My brethren it must not be so, please turn away from these evil practices whilst you still can. Get out of Babylon now.

Shalom Pastor Washington

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