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Get road trip ready part 3

By Faeza
21 December 2015

Battery Centre is encouraging South Africans to conduct important vehicle checks before taking to the road this festive season

Should a new battery be needed, the best options for your specific needs will be advised before a quick and efficient battery replacement is made.

Read the rubber

Check whether the tyre tread on your wheels is within the safe limit. If it’s worn below the limit, it’s unsafe to drive and your tyres should be replaced – in SA, the legal thread limit is one millimetre. Look out for uneven tread wear as this can indicate an alignment issue.

Don’t forget to check tyre pressure. If you’re not sure what the optimum tyre pressure is for your wheels, reference your car’s user manual and/or the inside of the driver’s door. Remember to check your spare tyre, as you might need this along the way.