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Get spring in your hair

By admin
21 August 2014

Spring has sprung and this season’s hair is all about being clean, sleek and most importantly cool. So it’s off with the head warming braids and in with the short sleek and elegant hair-do.

  1. The pixie cut – for those who don’t want to lose the length of your natural hair there is a variety of weaves you could get to suit your face shape and your style. Who would have ever thought you could get a weave to have shorter hair?
  2. The German cut – What to stay natural but get more edge? The german cut is versatile and very trendy. This trend can go from laid back and ruffled to sleek, clean and elegant in 10minutes or less.
  3. Corn rows – if you want to play it safe corn rows are always an options with such a huge variety of styles you can have simple or super stylish with or without extensions .