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By admin
26 August 2013

Gadifele Manaka FromPolokwane

 GadiFELE manaka From poLokwanE

Get this soft, subtle look in a few easy steps: The natural look is easy to achieve and can be upgraded from day to night for cocktail events. Just stick to natural colours for an elegant, flawless finish. Here’s how we made up Gadifele.

FACE:We used liquid foundation to give our model a smooth, even tone. We wanted a natural, soft look, so we didn’t put much foundation on. Be sure to use a proper brush when applying foundation. We then applied a rosy pink blush to add colour on her face as the eyes and lips had natural tones.

Eyes: Natural colours were used with a bit of gold on the inner corners of Gadifele’s eyes to highlight them. We then added fake eyelashes for volume because her eyes are small. Get fake eyelashes if you want to stand out, but be sure to get the right length so that these lashes don’t overwhelm your eyes. You can get fake eyelashes from retail stores or salons.

Hair:Gadifele has rich, long, relaxed hair, so we added clip-on Indian Remy extensions from Ruutos Hair to get longer length and volume. Her hair was parted from the back to put it in the extensions. The extensions are easy to put on as they have small pins/ combs that clip onto your real hair.

Lips:  We were going for a soft and subtle look, so we kept our model’s lips clear and shiny. Always have a lip gloss in your bag to get that luscious, full look.