Get wise, know your facts

By Faeza
02 August 2016

Sensation is often not the truth

Most people in South Africa love to eat bacon, boerewors and ribs. We always want more of those delicious foods!

But a few old-fashioned untruths about fresh pork meat still do the rounds from time to time. Like: some people are “allergic” to pork, or some people develop tonsils from pork.

The reason those ridiculous, untrue statements are told over and over again, is because sensation grabs attention and makes for dramatic conversation.

It’s a bit like: if you step on a cactus plant, your toenails will fall off. Untrue, but wonderfully sensational.

More meat for your money

If you’re clever and keen to educate yourself,  get to know the different cuts of pork  There’s a variety of chops, good for pan-fry or the braai.  Stewing pork makes a yummy curry or tomato stew.  For entertaining, nothing beats a delicious, juicy pork roast for taste and then

Don’t ever overcook pork – keep the juices in

Try this easy-peasy recipe to get your pork chops succulent and full of tenderness.

Pan fried pork chops

Perfect pan-fried pork chops

(4 – 6 servings)

4 – 6 pork chops, outer skin cut in or scored,(ask your butcher to do this for you)

60 ml olive oil or good quality cooking oil

Salt, pepper and or chicken spice

Juice of about half a lemon, or 15ml lemon juice from a bottle

10 ml melted butter (or margarine)

Dry the pork chops well with kitchen paper.

Rub the chops with oil and meat spice.

In a medium-hot (heavy-based) frying pan, place the chops down so that you can fit all of them into the pan. They should not be turned over or moved once they are placed in the pan.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper once they start frying.

Leave the underside to turn golden brown before turning them around.  Do not use a fork to turn them, it will makes holes in the meat and all the lovely meat juices will run out.  Use a flat spatula or tongs to turn the chops around and lift them out of the pan.

Once they’ve been turned over, fry them for a very short while on the opposite side.

This is where you have to watch it, not to fry them until they are dry.  They must be juicy and just light grey inside.

Add the lemon juice and melted butter or margarine, spoon the pan juices over the chops,  and serve with pap, mash potato or bread rolls.

Tip:  the incisions or “scoring” of the outer skin will help to crisp the skin up beautifully and prevent the chops from curling up in the pan. The butchery staff have sharp knives, and can do this for you, if you don’t have a very sharp meat knife.