Get your Body Grooming

By Faeza
21 July 2015

The days are becoming warmer and more inviting, but the truth is you, your body and your skin may not be ready to venture out into the sunshine. All through winter you relinquished the rights to grooming, and perhaps you felt that it was time to hide your trainers away, lock away your grooming products, and live by the motto – extra-hair equals’ extra-warmth.

“Now that winter is gone, and spring is the air, it needs to be in your step as well. Summer body grooming doesn’t only happen in summer; it happens beforehand and summer is when the rewards are reaped,” says Geoffrey Holtes, Clere for Men Brand Manager.

However, if you are one of the many who forgot about their grooming routines during winter, here are four quick tips on how to get your body summer ready from head to toe:

  1. Hit the pavement: If running is not your thing then hit the gym, the park, the bicycle; anywhere that gets you out of the house and into shape. Getting your body summer ready doesn’t mean sporting a six-pack on the beach, it means feeling good about yourself, and knowing that you are doing all that you can to get moving.

  1. Smell good: Looking good goes hand in hand with smelling good. It’s all about confidence. With Clere for Men’s range of moisturising and lightly fragranced body lotions and crèmes, there is no need to skip this step. “Clere for Men’s range of lotions and crèmes designed for men are the perfect accompaniment to any grooming regime,” says Holtes. “Clere for Men Fire, Ice and the recently released Storm, moisturises your body with its 24-hour moisturising, glycerine enriched formula, and the light fragrances last throughout the day, eliminating the need of an after-shave.”

  1. Trim it back: You may like it short, long, spikey or gelled back, but the truth is you need to look after your hair. The style is your choice, but your hair and your hair-care speak volumes when meeting new people. Keep it neat, clean and styled.

  1. Pamper your hands: Going to the health spa might not be your thing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do a little “at-home-maintenance” every now and again. Make sure your nails are short and clean and your hands are soft. Your never know whose hand you are going to be shaking during work hours, or holding during your down time. Regularly apply the moisturising Clere for Men body lotion or  crème for soft, inviting skin.