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Get your feet ready for sandals

By Faeza
16 September 2016

Wash your feet properly

1. Soak your feet:

Before removing the thick skin on your

heels, you need to soak your feet.

Fill a small plastic tub with warm

to hot water and add just enough

milk for it to turn white. Sit still until

your skin prunes up.

2. Exfoliate:

Rub a paste of coarse sea salt and olive oil on the

areas you would like to exfoliate

further. Wash with warm water.

3. Moisturise:

If you still think your feet are dry, slather the

moisturiser of your choice and put

on thick socks. Try to do this before

bed. Alternate the shoes you wear

each day. If you have corns or calluses, use a

pumice stone to smooth them after

bathing or showering.

Rub gently, only in one direction, to

avoid tearing the skin.

4. Never cut corns and calluses:

They can damage your skin and

cause an infection.

Keep blood flowing by putting

your feet up when you are sitting.

When choosing summer shoes

¦ Never wear vinyl or plastic shoes,

because they do not stretch.

¦ When buying shoes, make sure

they feel good and have enough

room for your toes.

¦ Do not wear shoes with pointed

toes or high heels often. They put

too much pressure on your toes.

Remedies for corns

Place a slice of lemon on the

corn and leave it overnight after

bandaging it to the affected area.