Get your toddler to listen to you Part 2

By admin
10 September 2013

“Toddlers are hard to control because they have suddenly realized that they can push boundaries and do things their own way,”  

PROBLEM 3: Saying, ‘No!’

This word is a favourite with most toddlers. They’ll say it to everyone and to everything, sometimes even to activities or treats that they usually like! It can drive you insane.

What to do

As hard as it might be to ignore this stubborn behaviour in your toddler, this is the only way to make it stop. Learn to change the way you ask questions so that your child doesn’t have the opportunity to respond with a no. For instance: “Which shoes do you want to wear today?” instead of “Do you want to wear your pink shoes?” Another tactic is to offer a reward for not responding by saying no. The whole family can keep score, and the reward can be something empowering, like being able to select which clothes to wear to crèche.

PROBLEM 4: Snatching

When they’re angry, toddlers like to snatch – especially when someone else is playing with their toys.

Even diverting their attention with a different, exciting toy doesn’t work; they’ll just snatch back the one they had first.

What to do

When your child sees another child playing with his or her toys, they think their friend will take their toys back home with them. Explain to your toddler that this won’t happen. Point out that when visiting at a friend’s house, your toddler is allowed to freely play with that child’s toys.