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Getting rid of split ends

By Faeza
24 August 2015

When it comes to hair woes, split ends are fairly common. Hair breakage and split ends can stop rapid hair growth. Split ends happen when the protective cuticle of the hair is destroyed at the end of the hair.

Causes of split ends

They are caused by environmental effects; improper manipulation of your hair; chemical over-processing and heating tools.

Controlling split ends

¦ cut them off

The only way to rid your hair of split ends is to cut them completely off.

¦ Trim your hair regularly

This prevents splits from moving up and stopping future splits.

¦ Avoid wet trimming

Whenever possible, trim your hair while it is dry.

¦ cut out chemicals

Chemicals such as colour treatments, relaxers and perms cause split ends.

¦ Moisture barrier

Daily moisturising with water-based moisturising products and oiling the hair as a seal will also help prevent split ends. These products lubricate the hair and keep the hair soft. They also protect the hair from the harsh elements.

¦ Deep condition

Deep conditioning your hair every week with quality moisturising conditioners and protein treatments are great for split ends prevention. Protein treatments reinforce the cuticle and hair shaft so that they can resist premature breaking. Moisturising deep conditioners help restore the hair’s delicate moisture balance.

¦ Apply a high quality conditioner after shampooing

This locks moisture into each strand.

¦ Avoid applying heat to hair

Avoid straighteners and driers. The heat removes moisture from the hair strands which can cause split ends.

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