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Glen Lewis pleads with politicians not to use Ray Phiri's funeral as a platform to vent their issues

By Faeza
14 July 2017

The sad news of the death of legendary jazz musician Ray Phiri has undoubtedly touched a lot people especially the ones who grew up listening to his music in the 80s and 90s.

DJ Glen Lewis is among those touched, the radio DJ mentioned something during his show, The Expensive Breakfast on Touch HD, that has been on a lot of people’s minds but won’t say it, the DJ expressed his wish that politicians shouldn’t use Mr Phiri’s funeral as a platform for their political issues.

“I hope we don't have politicians taking over. We must have people from the music industry, his friends, people who grew up with him, people like abho Peter Tladi. So I'm hoping that we'll have people from the industry taking, I don't get it, a family is grieving and then you have a politician who brings his politic stories. No, we are mourning the death of a legend, Ray Phiri, we don't want to hear your politics, you have the parliament, you have talk radio stations who interview you every day. So I hope there won't be any politicians who will be given the platform, they must sit back!

Have you ever heard a DJ talking at a politicians funeral? Do they even consider celebrities? So please sit down, we hope we have none of that rubbish happening at Mr Ray Phiri's funeral. Politicians must just sit down, do their job, fix the country and stay away from our business," said Glen Lewis.