Global pulse day celebrations highlight importance of pulses

By Faeza
19 January 2017

The second global pulse day on 18 January 2017 saw celebrations around the world in recognition of the importance of pulses.

“The potential global impact of pulses is significant,” says AGT Foods Africa marketing manager, Dean Miller. “Pulses have been cited for reducing malnutrition, obesity and heart disease. As evidence continues to point to the detrimental effects of meat on humans and the planet, more and more people are turning to pulses for their nutritional protein value.”

The South African celebration was held at a Greek restaurant in Johannesburg for dignitaries including the Canadian High Commissioner to South Africa, Sandra McCardell, clients, suppliers and the media, who have all helped in educating the public on pulses. There were a variety of pulse dishes on the menu, including falafel, dips, black-eyed beans and oven-roasted beans.

“Confronted by dual epidemics of malnutrition and over-nutrition, the world needs to see increased representation of high-protein, low-fat, high-fibre pulses in diets. AGT Foods Africa will continue in the drive to produce sustainable pulse crops and market them globally,” says Miller. Pouyoukas Foods is one of AGT’s local brands and sells a variety of pulses, including five bean mix, chickpeas and lentils.