Good Samaritan pays for HHP's groceries

By Faeza
03 July 2016

The Joys of living in celebville, HHP got his groceries bill paid by a stranger, writes Nomkhosi Miya

Have you ever been in a situation where you rush to the shops to run some errands, and once you get to the till you realise that you forgot your wallet at home? If you have been in such dilemma, don’t worry you are not alone.

HHP recently took to social media to express his gratitude towards a Samaritan who paid his grocery bill when he was about to be humiliated for not having cash at the till.

“My Smart Card has been swapped by someone, and I happen not to know that person’s ID… so now I have to pay for the bones ONLY cause that’s the only cash I have on me. Wallet, DOLOLO,” he wrote on his instagram page.

The Bosso K Mang hit-maker says it was only once he got to the front of the line that he realised someone had swapped out his card with theirs.

The rapper believes it was an act of God. He was quoted saying, “When she (the stranger) made the gesture that I shouldn’t make a big deal about it, I KNEW, God was at work. It wasn’t a coincidence that the entire time this was happening I was listening to #MyloveIsFree… #JesoNeh,” he beamed.