Gospel star Sechaba causes commotion at Lundi's memorial

By Faeza
31 January 2017

A very frustrated, Sechaba Padi caused a stir at Lundi's memorial after he spoke from his heart about how the people from the music industry do not love  each other.

"I do not like people who are lying, I hate liars, because I am a a man of God. I hate people who are lying in the house of the Lord. I can not allow that," said the disgruntled gospel star.

According to Sechaba;  Lundi loved his fans, he loved the church and pastors. He used to perform at political events and after his fans have cried for him he would also go home and cry because he would not have any food to eat.

He said that when he is seen on TV he sings for God and not money. But when he arrived in Johannesburg he got a big shock when he was given money for his singing.

Speaking in Sesotho, Sechaba said that people of the music industry usually misuse money that is supposed to be given to the artist, and  after milking them for all they are worth they are dumped by the recording company and start spreading stories about artists saying that they use their money on alcohol and drugs.

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"We have deep stories you do not know, but when we die you stand on stage and claim to love us. What did you love about me," he added

We have deep stories that the public do not know but once a artist dies, people stand up during the memorial and say how much they used to loved the star.

Gospel stars do not love each other, even Kwaito stars love each other more than gospel stars love each other.