Gossip girls Part1

By admin
03 September 2013

Everyone gossips – it’s humannature. But there’s a differencebetween telling a story that reallyhappened, and making up anuntrue story about someone.Gossip girls are the type who lieand make up stories just to be‘popular’ and liked. Not cool!These girls don’t realise – or don’tcare – that the stories they makeup are hurting the people they arespreading tales about.

Why they do it

Let’s not be confused. Girls are notthe only ones who gossip; boys doit, too. But gossiping among girls ismore of a bullying tactic.They useemotional violence, which makesothers feel isolated. They gossipbecause they can’t get ‘power’in any other way. They do itto be seen as the It Girls. Itmakes them popular and givesthem power.

Some things to think about before you gossip and start rumours…

Put yourself in the next person’s shoes. Would you like untrue stories to be circulated about you? If you’re talking about someone just to be nasty, remember that they also have feelings and a reputation. Teenagers are easily influenced by what they see and hear, so if the ugly ‘story’ gets out, that person will be rejected by everyone. This will make school life horrible for her. That’s not fair to anyone!