Gossip girls Part2

By admin
04 September 2013

Bad & mean girls

Be warned, there are some girls who want to be your friend, just so that they can mock you and make fun of you. You’re the ‘puppet’ in the group and are not really part of the circle.

Don’t be fooled by a group of girls,who you wouldn’t necessarily be friends with, approaching you to join them. If you suspect that these girls are just using you, walk away from them. You’re better off not having any friends than being part of such a group. Their aim is to destroy you.It gives them some sick pleasure.They generally draw you in and prey on you. The Turkish couldn’t have said it better: “Who gossips to you,will gossip of you,” so stay clear ofthem.

Stay away from gossipmongers

If you know someone who’s spreading rumours, call that person aside and talk to her about what she’s doing. If she still doesn’t stop, report her to someone older. This should scare her a little. We know how difficultit is to take a stand, but you will be doing something good for your colleagues and for your friends. Distance yourself from people who gossip and lie.