Gossiping neighbors

By admin
29 September 2013

“My neighbours are apparently gossiping about me. This is what a friend of mine says. They are always so nice to me, so I can’t understand what the problem is. How should I handle this situation?” – James, Langa     Move! Expert advice

Your neighbours are gossiping about you but are always nice to you – don’t you find this very strange? I think you should rather consider what kind of a person your friend is. Some friends seem to cause problems and some friends are true friends. Never act on what another person has told you about others, because it may be lies mainly to win your friendship. “Bo mamgobhozi” (gossipers) have caused many problems for people in their families and the community, so, beware of them – they are dangerous. In most cases, they are very nice and understanding, which makes it easy for you to believe what they tell you about others.