Got a punctuality problem?

By admin
21 August 2013

Plan ahead and never be late again

Are you always late? Do you find it hard to commit to being anywhere at a certain time? Do your friends and family joke that you always arrive late? “There are people who think it’s impossible to be on time.

Some of them are so bad that they avoid making a firm time for any appointment,” says Linda Burger, a counseling psychologist. She says that some people are so used to being late that if you ask them why this happens, they look surprised at the question and reply, “this is African time”. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to do something about it. In this day and age, time is precious.

“Be aware that most people value their time. So when they might have dropped some other appointment just to meet you, this weak excuse just adds to their irritation. It also paints you as irresponsible and disrespectful,” says Linda.

Move! Tips

Value your own and others’ time and use it wisely. Is it really a problem? Consider attending a time management course; this will teach you how to manage your time better.

What can you do? If you want people to have a positive image of you, be on time for each appointment.

Give yourself extra time. Mentally schedule your appointment for 10 minutes earlier than it is. For example, prepare for a 9am meeting as if it were at 8.50am.

Stick to your schedule. Instead of irritating other people by being late, schedule an appointment for another date or time. Always give yourself some space for tyre punctures, delayed public transport, or difficulty in finding the venue.

Get organized. Make a point of listening to the traffic reports. This will give you a chance to think out an alternative route to your usual ones.