Guard Responsibly

By Faeza
01 September 2015

You have been mandated to guard responsibly a temple with artifacts that worth life, your life. What type of a guard are you? You allow in and out the Temple some dodgy characters thieves, and plunderers? Is this not obvious that you as a guard is either lack knowledge of the value of the content in the temple, or that you just lack respect for your profession and your life as a guard and the one who mandated you to guard His temple? At the end the valuables in the temple are lost at your watch. When the owner of the temple comes and finds the temple empty, there will be the gnashing of teeth. You will be made to pay it back with your life. My brethren How well are you guarding YaHWeH's Temple which is your body? Why are you allowing thieves, perverts, adulterers and all evil spirits in the temple you are guarding? Why are you allowing the worst villain of them all that is unforgiveness to enter into the temple and plunder your life Savings? YaHWeH has tasked you to guard His temple. But you are a busy body with other people's temples, demanding how they must look, speak and behave. You have even devices a holy walk when preaching all for the good of eye and the outside. You hypocrite. You are concentrating on the cleaning of the outside you are like a white washed grave, but rotten bones and maggots inside. Yes my fellow brethren we can hide our sins from the eyes of men but we cannot hide it away from Elohim of Israel, who is omnipresent. He is seeing all your transgressions. He watched you allowing the thieves, pick pocketers and plunderers walking in and out with the loot.

Now you are guarding and empty temple which is now a place of those rebellious spirit. How are you going to answer on the day of His coming? The one who tasked you to His guard is about to return. Yes He chose you. Now you must show that you are worthy the calling. Your body is the temple of the living Elohim not yours and it must not be defiled, period, guard it with your life. My friend are you that guard who is allowing these dodgy characters into the temple of YaHWeH which is your body? This is the time you must kick out these foul spirits from the temple of the living Elohim. Remove the idol worshipping that you have allowed to take place in the temple on your watch. YaHWeH Elohim of Israel your creator has made you a watchman over his temple. Kick out the spirit of lust, the spirit of unforgiveness, envy and all wickedness. Out of His temple and you will have your just reward.


Pastor Washington

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