Gugu's destiny was to die on the mountain - wife

By Faeza
26 July 2016

Car racing champion Gugu Zulu's destiny was to die on Mount Kilimanjaro, his wife Letshego said on Tuesday.

“I am starting to find peace in my heart that you departed from an appropriate place,” she wrote in an emotional final tribute that left many close to tears during Zulu's memorial service at the Kyalami race course.

Letshego's friend Elize Mabinya read her tribute for her. She said she would always celebrate his life.

She promised Zulu she would keep exposing their daughter Lelethu to their life of adventure. They had a common love of physical activity and outdoor adventures.

“We wanted to show our people the fun and adventure in our own country. I am sad that I now have to continue this dream with you in my heart.”

Letshego looked regal in a blue dress and black shawl. She said she wore the colour to honour him.

Zulu's mother Puleng was in tears as Letshego's message was read. Letshego smiled as she listened while consoling Puleng.

Hundreds of people, including celebrities and politicians, attended the event.

Puleng said her son always knew he would be a driver. She said he loved his BMX bicycle during his childhood.

He fulfilled his mission in life, she said, and encouraged parents to listen to their children and allow them to follow their dreams.

Zulu's sister Liyanda told stories of their sibling rivalry when they were children. She wore sunglasses and a traditional black skirt.

She thanked her brother for his love and friendship.

“I now have so many brothers because of you. Your friends have come up to me and said they will take your place. I love you Gugs,” she said.

?Zulu died during the Trek4Mandela expedition up Kilimanjaro last Sunday.

Source: News24