Handle conflict with ease Part 1

By admin
22 August 2013

You won’t always see eye to eye with your partner. But you can handle disagreements positively. Relationships have their ups and downs. This is normal because individuals in a relationship are constantly growing and are sometimes affected by life situations. This evolvement can impact your relationship positively or negatively.

How do you see conflict?

We often view conflict as a bad thing and avoid it at all costs. But conflict is part of daily life, and it is, in fact, healthy, as it helps you to grow as a couple. It’s good in a relationship provided it’s handled properly. Remember: you are two different individuals and cannot always agree on everything. Conflict can help you know and understand each other better. It can also help your relationship to grow and strengthen your bond. Relationships aren’t easy – they go through challenges and need constant work. The problem with ignoring the issue is that it slowly ruins your relationship.

Conflict is not a threat

The trick is not to see this as a threat, but rather something to talk about in a respectful and positive manner. “There is no magic to make challenges disappear; you must work together to resolve them in a committed way. Depending on how you handle the challenges that come with a relationship, you’ll either make up or break up. Failure to solve a problem can end the passion and commitment in your relationship. The result will be a stronger bond between you that can withstand and solve any problem,” says Vuyani. He adds that being committed to resolving problems will result in a successful relationship.

Choose the right time

The best thing to do is to raise an issue with your partner as soon as it crops up. If you let the matter go unresolved, it will always bubble below the surface and explode at an inappropriate time. Don’t ask him to discuss the matter when you are both in the wrong space, or in front of other people. If you have children, don’t argue in front of them. Perhaps go to a neutral place like a park to discuss things, and consult the elders or a counsellor if you can’t work things out between the two of you. By opening up a discussion, you are addressing your anger before it turns into full-blown resentment.