Handle conflict with ease Part 2

By admin
23 August 2013

Don’t attack his character

Resentment is not good for any relationship, as it can easily turn into bitterness.

If your partner is unaware he is doing something wrong, he will keep hurting you. The best thing to do is to tell him so that he is aware of it. Focus on the issue that is bothering you rather than accuse him of being irresponsible or careless.

Don’t blame your partner

It is tempting to point fingers at each other if there’s a problem. No one wants to take the blame and admit that they were wrong. But blaming won’t solve the problem. All it will do is deepen the resentment, so that it takes longer to resolve. You are likely to start adding issues that have nothing to do with your current problem and get nowhere. If you have played a role in the problem, acknowledge the fact. Do not go on and on about what you did. Know when to let go.

Don’t bring up the past

If you’ve argued a matter out earlier and sorted it out, don’t bring it up again. This is unfair on your partner and it shows that you hold grudges. If you are sorting out a new issue, do not bring up old ones – it will show that you are not the kind who forgives, and it can cause a rift between you. Do not say you forgive your partner for the sake of peace if you do not forgive him. Rather try to find a solution that will work for both of you.

Learn to compromise

Acknowledge the fact that your partner is seeing things differently from the way you do. To make your relationship work, find middle ground where you will both compromise. This is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign that you want to work together to improve your relationship. After each conflict, take time to find out what you have both learned and how you can deal with it better next time.