Handling people with HIV

By admin
15 October 2013

Being in contact with someone who is HIV positive is seldom a threat. Move asked HIV experts to advise

What should one be careful of when interacting with an HIV-positive person?

Nothing under normal circumstances. One should only take extra precautions such as wearing gloves when the infected person bleeds or their blood (or other body fluids that contains blood) can possibly infiltrate your body. Generally, when you are helping HIV/Aids patients, you should wear gloves to clean up urine and vomit to avoid germs. Sex is a different matter – always use condoms.

What interactions are safe with an HIV positive person?

Almost everything. There is no risk of being infected with HIV through simple touch (including hair washing), hugging and even kissing as long as both friends and partners do not have cuts or wounds in their mouths or on their lips. You can share a bathroom with an HIV positive person without being infected and you can share utensils and crockery.