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By Faeza
04 July 2016

Anonymous from Umlazi writes:

I’m a 25-year-old woman. My man has a problem with delayed ejaculation. He has never

ejaculated through normal sex since we met seven months ago. Lately, when we have sex I just stay dry. This offends him and makes me anxious to the point where I no longer enjoy sex. Should I leave him?

Dr Eve answers anonymous

Women love to see and hear men ejaculating. It is comforting and makes them feel desired and tells her that the man is aroused by her. So I understand your distress and self blame because your partner does not ejaculate with penetration. There are many ways for a man to ejaculate, not only through penetration. Once you have checked with him that he finds you attractive, is aroused with you and has a good sexual time with you, let him

ejaculate however it suits him. Only problem happens when you want children. He needs to talk to you about his delayed ejaculation as I can hear you are angry. He seems to

accept it and not see your distress.