"He doesn't work for us" - Racist FB ranter's former boss

By Faeza
03 May 2016

Facebook racist ranter Matthew Theunissen has gone to ground as a former employer distanced themselves from him on Tuesday.

In a Facebook post on his account, Theunissen wrote at the weekend: "So no more sporting events for South Africa... I've never been more proud than to say our government are a bunch of KAFFIRS.. yes I said it so go fuck yourselves you black fucking cunts".


It was not immediately clear when he had written the post as his Facebook profile was no longer active. Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula announced on April 25 that he had banned the country´s cricket, rugby, netball and athletics bodies from bidding for, or hosting, major sporting events due to a lack of transformation. The decision would be reviewed next year.

According to publicly available documents, Theunissen listed his employer as the Freshwater Consulting Group.

The group’s Justine Ewart-Smith told News24 that Theunissen had worked there briefly as an intern for three months, but that his contract was not renewed because “it did not work out”.

“I am completely shocked, it seems so out of character for him. What a foolish little boy,” she said.

His comment sparked anger across social media platforms. Some called for government to take action against him, while others found his CV and personal details and threatened to find him and take matters into their own hands.

According to the CV, the 26-year-old lived in Cape Town, had a master's degree in environmental management from Stellenbosch University, and currently worked in water resource management.

Attempts to contact Theunissen were unsuccessful.

Source: News24