He had impregnated another girl

By admin
16 September 2013

I’m 25 and in love with a man of 32. We’ve been together since 2009. Everything was fine between us until I became pregnant.At first, he was happy, but a week later,he told me that he had impregnated another girl and wants to be with her.He said he’ll support our baby, butdoesn’t need me. I don’t know what todo because I love him so much.

Stressed, Kwazulu-Natal     Move! Expert advice

This man doesn’t want you in hislife. He’s a selfish two-timer who took advantage of you. I know it’s painful, but unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about it. You need to move on and focus on raising your baby. It’s his duty to help you raise this child, so make sure that he takes responsibility and pays maintenance.