He is accusing me of having affairs

By admin
13 November 2013

A reader wrote to Move!. “My boyfriend of five years is forever accusing me of having affairs. I don’t know what to do about this. It hurts me when he says all of these things, because I have never given him reason to suspect anything. I want to commit suicide. How can I deal with all these accusations?”

Dr Heystek, a psychologist in Polokwane, advises.

How can the reader solve her problem?

She should leave this man. This needs courage from her, considering that her self-image has been damaged. She might feel worthless and that no other person or man will be interested in her. The longer she stays in this relationship the more she will loose her self-worth. Many women fear change and would rather stick to what they have. They tell themselves: “better the devil I know”. The devil you know will destroy you, as the reader is finding out. If she chooses to stay, both she and her boyfriend should attend counselling or see someone who they both trust.