He left me

By admin
16 October 2013

“I am a 23-year-old woman and was involved with a 24-year-old guy. He proposed to me for more than eight months and, when I finally gave in, he neglected me. I can’t understand that. We had sex twice while we were dating. Then he moved to the Free State and stopped calling me. I called him and he sounded tired and not interested in talking to me. I am trying to get answers from him, and I wonder what I did wrong. I loved him but he left me.” – Khosi   Move! Expert advice

You have done nothing wrong to this guy, so stop stressing about him. I think you took too long to respond to his proposal – eight months is rather long – and by the time you agreed, he was no longer interested. What he did was typical of many men. Perhaps he did it to make you pay for making him wait for eight months. I am not suggesting that you should just fall for guys – it’s better to give them a reasonable period. I suggest you forget about him, because calling him will not reverse things. If you force yourself on a man once he has lost interest, he might just “use” you, and this is something that no woman needs in her life. Thinking of him will only frustrate you and might even make you never trust men again. Move on with your life and take time before you consider going into another relationship. This will give you time to get over the old relationship and you will be able to make wiser decisions. I hope you take this advice, and good luck.