'He looked at me and then shot me' - Durban woman

By Faeza
31 May 2016

“I looked into his eyes after he pulled the gun. He looked at me and then shot me.”

A Durban woman recounted how time stood still as she came face to face with hijackers in Morningside on Friday night.

Stephanie Meyer, 22, was shot when she and a friend rushed to the aid of a man who had been shot in the face during a carjacking.

Speaking to News24, the waitress said she had rounded out her shift with a drink with fellow waitress, Tahne Bush. As they were leaving, they heard a commotion and saw a man lying in the road nearby. He had been in the bar with them.

She said Bush rushed over to help the man while she went to fetch her car.

“He had been shot through the face. The bullet went through his cheek and came out near his ear. She was attending to him and I jumped in the car and drove to her. As the hijackers took the car they pulled away and they cut me off,” Meyer said.

“A guy jumped out the passenger side and he walked up to my window and shot at me. I made eye contact with the guy as he shot me. The bullet broke my arm. As I lifted my arm to change gear I looked down and saw the blood running down my fingers like water and I couldn’t get the car in gear. I fell out of the door and he fired more shots at me. I then ran up the road and that is when the ambulance came,” she said.

The bullet went through her arm and become lodged in her underwear. It was recovered and handed to forensic investigators.

Both Meyer and the wounded man were taken to a Durban hospital in a Life Response 24/7 ambulance.

“If my friend had not heard what had happened and run over there, we may not have gotten the guy medical attention as fast as we did,” she said.

The man was in a serious but stable condition.

Source: News24