He promised to marry me

By admin
27 November 2013

I’m a 30-year-old woman and live with my boyfriend of five years. He promised to marry me a long time ago, but he still dates other women. Worst of all, he chops and changes women like anything. We go to the same church and people look at me as if I am a big fool. I feel that my life has been wasted because my best years have been the ones spent serving him.”

– Dineo, Durban

Dear Dineo

It is never too late to mend. I doubt whether this man loves you and I suggest that you forget about him. I don’t think he was meant for you. If he really loves you and is serious about marriage, he wouldn’t date other women – and he certainly won’t do it in your presence.

Start having fun and one day you will meet a man who will really love, respect and appreciate you. I hope it all works out for you.