He wants to make love all the time

By admin
01 November 2013

“My boyfriend and I have been going out for five years, and we have a two-year-old boy. My main problem is that he wants to make love all the time. He always eats olives, which gives him a greater appetite for romance.

He does not understand when I have to give my attention to my child. He claims that he is not cheating and he saves all his love for me, but that I am not appreciative. This is affecting our sex life, because every time I see him I know the subject is sex. I still love him, but I wish he would change his ways. How can I make him understand that sometimes I am too tired for sex.” –

Louise, Khayelitsha

Dr Eve says

No woman needs to be “appreciative” because her man does not cheat. Women have a right to expect that their men do not cheat on them. This is what healthy and happy relationships are about.

Happy relationships need two people to negotiate and talk about the difference in their sexual needs too. As you recognise, sexuality is part of your lifestyle. It has to fit in with the rest of your life, like the facts that you have a child and you get tired. You feel that your man is disrespectful because he only concentrates on the sexual part of your lives. This makes you feel like a sex toy but also neglected by him.

The result is that you want less sex. Let him know that you love him and love having sex with him, but that you also love taking a nap with him, enjoy watching him play with your child, and also like talking to him and going out and having fun with him. I hope he gets it and takes the pressure off you, which will allow you to feel sexy with him again.