Hectic Nine-9 continues to empower young fans

By Faeza
14 July 2015

SABC 2’S leading youth show Hectic Nine-9 has taken 15 young fans to be mentored by their production team through a campaign called Hectic Takeover.

Hectic Takeover aims to give its fans practical training regarding the production that goes into an episode. For three weeks the 15 young fans were being monitored. The 17 July 2015 Hectic Nine-9 episode will be solely done by the 15 young fans.

Hectic Nine-9 producer David Stein tells us why Hectic Nine-9 is empowering Mzansi’s youth: “We’ve always told our viewers that Hectic Nine-9 belongs to them. Now we’re taking this philosophy to the next level by actually placing the show in their hands”

The 15 young fans’ journey is tracked and broadcasted as the Hectic Nine-9 mini reality series. The #HecticTakeover has trended nationally

To follow the Hectic Takeover journey, visit the Hectic Nine-9 YouTube channel (hectic99tube)

For more information on the show visit www.hn9.co.za.

Contact: David Stein (david@okuhle.co.za / 021 486 2900)