Hello healthy eating

By Faeza
20 September 2015

We may be nearing an end to the winter season as we are fast approaching spring time. Spring time comes with lot of changes: trees starts to grow green leaves, flowers are blossoming, and people are changing their wardrobes but don’t get too carried away and expose yourself to the daily sun.

Below are some of the advantages of spring season:


After a lengthy time of cold nights and shivering which at time left you with flu, now you will be getting a lot of sunshine which comes with Vitamin D. This will work out fine for you since in winter you spent most of your time in doors


When it gets sunny, your skin is amongst the other parts of your body to benefit. You will do away with dry skin which left you puffy. Apply sun screen to ward off unwanted chronic diseases


The thing about the sun is that it helps boost mental health. To take that time walk down the street, go to the park and experience the outside after lengthy days of cold weather.

Vegetables and fruits

Spring comes with many healthy food advantages, fresh from the gardens. This is the only time we get to see fresh food being planted and people love it straight from the garden. You find people eating healthy food accompanied by lots of salads, lots of vegetables and there lots of fruits on trees.