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16 August 2013

I’m 24 and my husband is 30. We’ve been together for eight years. My husband started cheating on me after the birth of our daughter, now four. I forgave him after he promised to change. But now he’s abusing me physically and emotionally. I love him, and don’t want my child to grow up without a father, but I don’t want my child to see his mother being beaten all the time. Should I lay charges against him, or leave?

  Anonymous, Nelspruit   MOVE! EXPERT ADVICE

Moses Seleka, a life coach at Choose Life, says:

“Your first priority is to get yourself and your daughter to a place of safety. These facilities usually offer care and support for women like you. Find out from the police where your nearest place of safety is. By doing this, you will take charge of your life and protect your daughter from building a further negative image of male and female relationships.

This move will require you to start thinking about your financial security. This means looking for a job.Your husband does not display any level of commitment to your marriage, and he needs professional help. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim.”

Contact the POWA helpline on

083 765 1235 for help and advice.