HELP: "Am I his second best?"

By Faeza
28 October 2016

Anonymous from Randburg writes:

My lover has been separated

with his wife for about three

years. But they still have not divorced

and they have two children.

He always complains about being

ill-treated by his estranged wife.

Although I love him so much, I told

him that I don’t want to be his second

best. Please advise.

Sis Naledi answers:

You are already the second

best and his escape zone.

Never let a person tell you how

bad is their marriage is and still hang

on it while you are a side chick who

provides comfort and relief.

You are going to be used emotionally

and sexually in that relationship. Let

him go and deal with his family matters

without you being the ‘psychologist’ or

‘social worker’ for him.

You may love a person but not have

a relationship with them because it is

not the right time or person for you.

Do not make decisions with your

heart alone, let your mind to help

you as well.