HELP: "Bonking is very painful and I don't enjoy it"

By Faeza
26 August 2016

Anonymous from Polokwane write: 

I’m a 24-year-old woman and I’ve been dating my boyfriend for two years. Now he

wants to marry me. But I just feel more pain whenever we have sex. I don’t enjoy sex anymore. I used to have my periods for four days, but this month it took nine days. I’m even struggling to fall pregnant. Is there something wrong with me?

DR Eve replies

It happens at your age that your periods will still be unreliable. They will soon

settle down as you get older. Painful sex may mean you’re not lubricated or aroused. Or maybe you are bored with the sex that you’re having, or something in your relationship is

upsetting you. Falling pregnant can take up to a year, so be patient. And if you don’t

want to marry this man, you have every right to say no.