HELP: "Bonking with hubby is hell"

By Faeza
06 January 2017

Anonymous from Soweto writes:

I am 23-year-old woman

who has been married to a

28-year-old man for three years.

I am no longer interested in

having sex with him. What could

be the cause of the problem?

Dr Eve answers: 

In the beginning of any

relationship, sex is so

exciting. Its new, exploratory

and you just want to have it all

the time. Over time, it becomes

familiar and you know what to

expect which is also nice.

The danger is that if you don’t

bring in new ideas, the sex

simply becomes boring.

But it is usually relationship

stuff that gets people to lose

interest in being sexual.

I suggest you look into the

relationship issues that could be

getting in your way