HELP: "Can I fall pregnant after drinking morning after pill"

By Faeza
21 April 2017

Anonymous from Marikana

I’m a 28-year-old woman. Immediately after finishing my periods, I had unprotected sex

with my partner. The following day, I drank two morning after pills. Is it possible

that I could fall pregnant?

Dr Eve responds:

It is admirable that you immediately took responsibility and drank an emergency contraception after you had unprotected sex. If it was in the 72-hour time period and you got them from the pharmacy or clinic, they should prevent pregnancy, but this is not fully guaranteed. Now, I want you to carry on taking responsibility. You should go to the clinic for counselling on contraceptives. Learn about the different contraceptives that are available to you and choose a method that suits your lifestyle. Always protect yourself

with contraceptives including condoms.