HELP: "Can I still have a child at the age of 57?"

By Faeza
10 February 2017

Anonymous from Soshanguve writes:

I am a 57-year-old woman

and have had two Csections.

Will I still be able to

give birth?

Dr Eve answers:

Menopause happens to

women anytime from the

age of 45, with the average

age usually being between 50

and 52. As a 57-year-old woman,

chances are that you are post

menopausal, meaning that you

have entered this stage of your

life. Menopause is when you

have your last period. And this

means that you are no longer

producing eggs. And when there

are no eggs, you can no longer

fall pregnant. However, if you are

pregnant at 57, you will probably

need a C-section when you give

birth. I hope you are consulting a

gynaecologist who is taking good

care of you.