HELP: "Every time I introduce new bonking positions, he says I am cheating on him"

By Faeza
12 May 2017

Anonymous from Pretoria writes:

My fiancé calls me derogatory names every time I try new sex positions. He once cheated on me and we broke up. We are back together and he always accuses me of having a boyfriend. Should I stick to one position or wait for him to introduce new ones? I love

him and I don’t want to lose him. But I hate doing the same position

Dr Eve responds:

Please help me understand why you choose to stay with a man who is a cheater, verbally

abusive, possessive and controlling. You are losing your self-respect and sexual pleasure. You should not accept sticking to one sexual position, being sexually controlled and forever accused of cheating. Do yourself a favour and get rid of this man quickly.