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HELP: "How do I introduce sex toys into our relationship?"

By Faeza
10 August 2016

Anonymous from Cape Town:

I have never had an orgasm through penetration, but I have had multiple orgasms through

masturbation and using sex toys. I would love to have orgasms through penetration. How do I introduce my sex toys without making him feel threatened or disgusted?

Dr Eve responds:

Very few women ever orgasm with just penetration alone. Every woman can have earthshattering orgasms with clitoral stimulation. So it’s time to stop hiding and being secretive. It will not be awkward to guide your partner’s hand to your clitoral area, or invite him to watch you masturbate. It’s not always easy to introduce toys to your sex life,

but talking to him about the fact that you need clitoral stimulation as well as penetration should help. Also, be clear that it is an adventure and not a way to compensate for a dull sex life.