HELP: I am in my early 40s and can not go for more than one round

By Faeza
09 March 2017

Anonymous from Springs writes:

I’m a 42-year-old man who

is in a relationship with a

36-year-old woman. When I make

love to her, I only go for one round.

Going for the second round is a

problem for me. Is there anything I

can use to satisfy her? Please help.

Dr Eve answers:

Men place such a burden on

themselves; they really want

to satisfy their partners. I invite

you to do it differently: one round is

more than good enough if it is just

one part of the sexual play. Don’t

make penetration the main event.

Play around with each other’s bodies.

Explore and ensure you give her

clitoris attention. Once you see how

much pleasure she gets from all this

attention, you can relax and enjoy

your one round.