HELP: "I am not interested in bonking and that frustrates my man"

By Faeza
23 November 2016

Anonymous from Durban writes: 

I am a 55-year-old woman

with a low libido. My

husband likes sex very much

and gets upset when I don’t

play along. What could be my


Dr Eve answers:

Growing older brings

sexual changes. It feels

strange and you have to

adapt to this new you. Aging

means menopause. This is loss

of oestrogen and testosterone,

hormones women need for

libido, lubrication and genital


Unless you are on hormone

therapy, you will feel the way you

do: just little interest in being

sexual and little arousal in your

genitals. Talk to a gynaecologist

about hormone replacement.

I also suggest you buy a sex toy

and spice up your sex life.