HELP: "I am struggling to accept my HIV status"

By Faeza
11 November 2016

Anonymous from Temba writes:

I’m a 32-year-old widow

and I have three children. My

husband was HIV positive when

he died and I have recently

discovered that I’m also HIV

positive. I find it hard to accept

this because my sisters-in-law

always laugh at me and make

nasty comments about my HIV

status. Please help me accept

my status.

Sis Naledi answers: 

When you are living with

HIV, it’s important that you

learn to accept your status.

You also need to deal with how

you got infected and the loss of

your husband.

Once you accept your status,

then you will be able to manage

negative people around you. They

will not be able to use your status

to hurt you because you will be

fine with it.

Associate yourself with people

who are supportive and helpful

and by all means, stay away from

negative people. If your family is

supportive, rather rely on them

than your in-laws.