HELP: "I can't satisfy my wife, this is causing her to cheat on me"

By Faeza
11 July 2016

Anonymous from Durban writes:

I’m a 31-year-old man who is married to a woman who is also 31. We have a beautiful child

together. I have a problem of early ejaculation and my wife has now lost interest in sex.

I have tried my best to satisfy her, but it’s not working. This is causing her to cheat. Please help.

DR Eve answers anonymous 

Early ejaculation is usually as a result of a man feeling anxious about their sexual

performance. You get scared before sex and automatically ejaculate quickly because of your fear. Try to get your wife back into bed and ask her to work with you to gain

control of your ejaculation. Stay calm and focused during sex, even if you ejaculate too quickly, keep playing with her. Over time, you will settle down and your wife will

not cheat if you talk about this.