HELP: "I hate bonking, because his manhood is too big"

By Faeza
22 May 2017

Anonymous from Polokwane:

I’m a 26-year-old woman who is dating a 33-year-old guy. I have a problem with his manhood because it is too big. Every time we have sex, I experience a lot of pain.

I get aroused but the pain doesn’t go away. We are planning to have a baby soon but I’m scared because I don’t enjoy sex because of this pain.

Dr Eve responds:

It’s a fact that a large-sized manhood can cause pain for women during vaginal penetration. Pain is never nice, so I agree that you must both do something about it now.

I suggest that you use a silicone lubricant, which lasts longer than a water-based one. But the main change should be in both your expectations. Play around and see what positions work for both of you and how much depth you can tolerate. Falling pregnant does not require great depth of penetration.