HELP: "I have lost interest in bonking since my man cheated on me"

By Faeza
24 November 2016

Anonymous from Soweto writes: 

I am a 23-year-old woman

who has been in a relationship for

three years and my boyfriend is

24 years old. I lost interest in sex

ever since he cheated on me. He

also refuses to get counselling.

Dr Eve answers:

Cheating is enough to kill

anyone’s sexual desire.

Please do not expect

much sexual feelings from

yourself right now. Feelings

of pain, betrayal, distrust and

embarrassment may be strong

for you. On top of it, your

boyfriend is refusing to give

you a professional space to talk,

understand and be heard. This

means that you will take a longer

time to feel interested in being

sexual with him. Cheating needs

to really be worked through

properly. I suggest you contact

FAMSA for counselling on: 011

975 7106/7.