HELP: "I suffer from a weak erection now my woman want to leave me"

By Faeza
05 May 2017

Anonymous from Mahikeng writes:

In a previous Move! issue, someone said when he has sex, he didn’t have an erection and

when he was alone, he had hard erections. You answered that he has no problem, that maybe he suffers from anxiety to please his partner I have the same problem as that guy. Whenever I’m with my partner, I have no erections, but on my own, I get hard erections and for a longer period. She’s cheated on me twice, saying I can’t satisfy her needs. Now

she hints at leaving me. I love her. How do I stop my anxiety?

Dr Eve responds:

Good man! You understand your problem; you do not have an erection problem but

a girlfriend problem. You feel unsafe and distrusting of her, and you will always struggle to get an erection if you feel this way. You must manage your anxiety by getting security in

your relationship. You must feel your girlfriend is on your side, that she will be patient with you. In time, you will regain your emotional courage and confidence and get great erections.