HELP: "I think my girlfriend is using muthi on me so I don't dump her"

By Faeza
13 April 2017

Anonymous from Port Elizabeth writes:

For seven months in our

relationship, my girlfriend

and I didn’t engage in sex. But one

day, she slept over at my place

and we ended up having sex. After

that things started going sour.

We started fighting and broke up

about four times.

I think that she has used muthi

on me because I go back to her

every time we break up. She has

now started being serious about

us but I don’t want her anymore.

She has dropped out of school and

I don’t think she will be a good

mother to my kids. Besides, I have

fallen for someone else.

Sis Naledi answers:

The moment you shift

responsibility to muthi, you

will lose control of your

reaction to the problem. The fact is

that you betrayed somebody who

has kept herself and not rushed

into sleeping with you until she

established trust. Now that she

did, you start seeing faults in her

because you have another person

to compare her with. Be careful not

to do that in life as you may not

know the sincerity of the other girl

who looks perfect to you.