HELP: "I think my HIV status has put him off"

By Faeza
07 April 2017

Anonymous from Soweto writes:

I’m a 28-year-old woman.

I met a guy two months ago and

we are so in love. I disclosed

that I’m HIV positive on our first

date and he took it well. He even

consulted a nurse at the clinic

afterwards asking for advice. We

haven’t had sex since we met. Is

it because he is not comfortable

with the fact that I’m HIV positive?

Sis Naledi answers:

Do not torture yourself by

thinking what could be his

problem because you will

not know without asking him. Talk

to him about your status and his

fears. If needs be go and see the

nurse together and discuss such

topics in the nurse’s presence. If

he decided to stay despite you

disclosing your HIV status, that

means he chose to be with you

but may not know how to handle

the situation. Be open about it

and let him know you don’t mind

discussing it and that you care

about protecting him from being